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ďGraham Phillips has always been noted for his meticulous historical research, depth of vision and ability to follow the threads of a mystery throughout history.Ē New Dawn



Graham Phillips has been one of Britainís bestselling non-fiction authors for over twenty years. In the 1980s, after working as a radio journalist and broadcaster for the BBC and editing a popular monthly magazine, Graham turned his talents to investigating unsolved historical mysteries.  He has since written twelve books which are in print around the world and have been published in ten different languages.




Graham (Right) and Martin in 1992

His first books were co-authored with Martin Keatman and from the start the authors adopted a unique and adventurous approach to their research.  In the 1990s Graham and Martin searched for the truth behind the timeless legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood.  In 1992 King Arthur - The True Story became a bestseller when the authors uncovered dramatic proof of Arthurís historical existence, and three years later their discovery of an ancient burial site that may have been King Arthurís tomb was filmed live for national television. Graham and Martinís Robin Hood - The Man Behind the Myth, published in 1995, not only showed that the Sherwood outlaw was an historical figure; it also revealed a true story that was in every way as spellbinding as the romantic myth. Graham and Martinís last book together, The Shakespeare Conspiracy, created academic upheaval and spawned an international controversy by uncovering sensational evidence to show that William Shakespeare had not only been a playwright, he also worked as a government spy. 


Graham Phillips has never been afraid of controversy.† In 1995 he made headlines around the world, and created a storm in the Vatican that even involved the Pope himself, when he discovered a lost artifact that may have been the original Holy Grail. His first solo book, The Search for the Grail, told the fascinating story of this modern-day Grail quest.


Recently, Graham has turned his attention to biblical mysteries. In 1998 his international bestseller, Act of God, revealed startling new evidence that the plagues of the Exodus and the parting of the Red Sea were real historical events - the result of the largest volcanic eruption in the history of civilization. In 2000 The Marian Conspiracy told of Grahamís search for the secret tomb of the Virgin Mary and investigated a Church cover-up at the very highest level.† His book, The Moses Legacy, examines the work of eminent archaeologists and biblical scholars, and pieces together remarkable evidence to show that the Old Testament is far closer to the truth than many historians believe.


Grahamís latest books are Alexander the Great: Murder in Babylon which investigates the mysterious death of historyís most renowned soldier, The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant, in which Graham goes in search of the lost Ark, and Merlin and the Discovery of Avalon in the New World, a personal quest to discover the truth behind the Merlin legend.


Critics often wonder how Graham has managed to solve so many historical enigmas. The answer is that he employs a hands-on, investigative approach to his research that gives him a cutting-edge advantage.† By collating evidence from many different subject areas, such as archaeology, history and Egyptology, he is able to gain an overall perspective that those tied to a particular discipline are often prevented from doing.† More often than not, he has simply applied himself to a mystery that academics have been unwilling, or even afraid to touch.


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