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The Tree Zodiac

The stars of the zodiac that we now see as constellations such as Virgo, Aquarius and so on were seen by the ancient Celts to form the images of trees.  As there were thirty-two of these constellations, and not twelve as there are now, the patterns that the Celts saw in the stars was very different than those familiar today.  This does not mean that the stars were different, rather that they saw the same stars to form different designs in the night sky usually the shape of leaf of the relevant tree.  Just like the modern zodiac, this tree zodiac was thought to influence the personality and characteristics of a person born in a particular sign.


The ancient Celts left only scanty records of this ancient tree zodiac but the Anglo-Saxons who invaded Britain in the fifth century adopted it and wrote it down.  From them we learn which trees were associated with which seasons and why they were considered sacred to that time of the year. We also learn that the tree zodiac was used to make predictions just as horoscopes are today.  However, until now, no writings have been found to provide specific details concerning the characteristics thought to be possessed by people born in each tree birth sign.


As an interesting exercise Graham has attempted to reconstruct these ancient tree signs.  From computer analysis of a selection of volunteers who completed a detailed questionnaire about themselves, he has determined certain personality traits that appear to be shared by those born in each sign.





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