Alexander the Great
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Murder investigation is always about motive, means and opportunity.  A list of suspects is compiled of those who had the opportunity to commit the murder - people who could have been present at the scene of the crime – which can then be shortened to include only those who had a motive to kill the victim at the time he died.   Finally, it comes down to establishing if any of the remaining suspects uniquely had the means to commit the crime - in this case, obtain the poison used.   In Alexander the Great – Murder in Babylon, Graham recreates the scene of the crime to identify eight prime suspects, each with the motive, means and opportunity to have carried out the assassination.  Examining their lives, Graham uncovers a maze of sexual intrigue, power play and romantic tragedy that led inevitably towards Alexander’s death.  Ultimately, in a dramatic twist in the tale, the murderer is finally unveiled.

Each of the suspects is particularly related to a specific period of Alexander’s remarkable life.  Click on each suspect listed below, in turn, to discover their motives and the sequence of events that led to Alexander’s death.

1: ANTIPATER - the military governor falsely accused of treason.

2: ARRIDAEUS - the unstable brother whose throne Alexander usurped.

3: BARSINE - the devoted concubine whose son Alexander refused to acknowledge.

4: SELEUCUS - the ruthless commander who was best placed to seize control.

5: ROXANNE - the adoring queen who was jilted for a younger girl.

6: MELEAGER - the long-suffering general whose men Alexander betrayed.

7: STATIRA - the captive consort who blamed Alexander for her father’s death.

8: PERDICCAS - the scheming chief minister who was hungry for power.

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