A cosmic event that almost destroyed humanity. The comet that changed civilization - a comet that will soon return.
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The End of Eden
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Tanslations: Hermes (Bulgarian), Wydawnictwo Amber (Polish).
English edition: Bear & Company 2005.
What on Earth was happening around 1500 BC?
All over the world - in China, India, America, and the Middle East - priests inscribed an almost identical symbol on the walls of temples, palaces and tombs. The image of an awesome manifestation that appeared in the skies.
Around the globe humanity suddenly embraced new gods, and new religious sects independently appeared.
After living in relative peace for centuries, civilizations across the Earth - in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas - were simultaneously overwhelmed by an epidemic of mass violence and entire cultures were destroyed.
The 2000-year-old culture that built Stonehenge came to an abrupt end - as if it had simply disappeared.
3500 years ago strange things began to happen throughout the world - bizarre events that have never been explained.
Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, authors of The Templar Revelation
"In an extraordinary tour de force, Graham Phillips takes the reader time-travelling, pinpointing a major mystery with important implications for our understanding of the remote past... this book finally provides an answer so explosive that it should instantly ensure itself a place among the great revelations of history."