Historical evidence for the existence of Merlin and a Dark Age sea voyage to North America.
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Avalon in the New World
Merlin and the Discovery of
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In Merlin and the Discovery of Avalon in the New World Graham presents compelling evidence that the legend of Merlin was based on the life of an historical figure – the last Roman to rule the island of Britain.
In the medieval Arthurian tales, Merlin was said to have been the guardian of the Holy Grail, a sacred cup that was kept in a secret castle. Stories relate how Merlin's descendants continued as guardians of the Grail until they became lost in the mists of time. In this real-life historical detective story, Graham not only identifies both an historical relic and a real castle behind these myths, he traces the descendants of the historical Merlin to a family still alive today – the Spencer family of Princess Diana. He also investigates the legend that Merlin possessed a secret Gospel said to have been written by Christ himself, and discovers a coded message left in an English country church that might reveal where this Gospel was secretly hidden.
Ultimately, Graham examines the legend that Merlin sailed off to Avalon, a mystical land said to lie far across the western seas. In an eighth-century Irish manuscript, he finds evidence that this story was based on an historical sea crossing to North America a thousand years before the time of Columbus.
Merlin and the Discovery of Avalon in the New World is not only a fascinating historical investigation, it is an exciting adventure, involving cryptic code solving, secret societies, and a breath-taking race against time.
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English edition: Bear & Company 2005
"You do not want to miss out on this book." TCM Reviews
"A must for any Arthur/Merlin researchers." Bookwatch