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The Chalice of Magdalene
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The Sanctuary
The ruined arch on top of the White Cliff.
Making his way to the top of the White Cliff, Graham stood beneath the arch of the ruined chapel and read the next Bible passage: Psalm 102, verse 19 which begins: For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary.
Thomas Wright
The entrance to the caves, cut deep into the White Cliff: date uncertain.
By now, there could no longer be any doubt that Graham had cracked Thomas Wright’s code. Each verse fitted perfectly with each new location. "The height of his sanctuary" – what better way to describe a chapel on the top of a cliff? The verse implied that Graham should look down, and below the arch was a path leading to an entrance cut into the cliff beneath the chapel. The entrance led into a maze of tunnels and chambers cut deep inside the cliff. They were clearly artificially constructed passageways, leading to a series of dark chambers where there were decorated pillars and arches, all cut from the living rock. No one knows how old they are, who made them, or why. One theory suggests that they were originally copper mines built by the Romans almost two thousand years ago. If they were, someone at a later time went to a great deal of trouble to turn them into elaborate, possibly ceremonial caves.
Code 5
The dark labyrinth of artificial caves at Hawkstone Park: purpose unknown.
The enigmatic Thomas Wright.