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The Chalice of Magdalene
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The Other Side
End of Tunnel
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He had already gone "up by the mountains", so he followed the gorge and the valley at the bottom until it reached the village of Hodnet, some two miles away. But what was the "the place which thou hast founded for them?"
A long, dark tunnel led downwards from the other side of the chamber, descending deeper and deeper into the blackness of the cold, dank rock. The passageway became narrower and narrower until, as it seemed that it would never end, daylight could finally be seen filtering in again from the world outside. Graham emerged from the tunnel on completely the other side of the hill, where a narrow gorge cut its way downwards through a sandstone cliff.
The Outside
Reading the next Bible passage, he decided that he should follow the gorge into the valley below. Psalm 104, verse 8 read: They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them.
The rocky gorge that cuts its way through the hill behind the White Cliff.
The passage nears the end.
The passage exits the hill.